Two Septic Tank Questions Answered

For homes with septic tanks, there are few other devices that are as important to the comfort and sanitation of the house. Unfortunately, while these systems are extremely important, they are often misunderstood by homeowners.

By learning the answers to the following couple of questions you should be better equipped to understand these complex devices, which may be able to help you avoid some problems with your septic tank in the future:

Why Should You Avoid Placing Large Plants Around The Septic Tank?

There are many people that love the appearance that large flowering bushes can give their yards. However, these people may not understand that these plants can create particularly problematic issues for your septic tank. One of the most common issues is a root growing into one of the pipes in the drain field. If this occurs, that pipe will become clogged,and this can lead to backed up plumbing in your home. 

Ideally, you only want grass planted in the vicinity of your septic tank, but if it is not possible to avoid placing these plants close to the septic tank, you will need to invest in a root guard for the drain field. This is a wire mesh screen that is encased around the pipes, and it is strong enough to prevent the roots from making it to the pipe, but it will not have a negative impact on the pipes ability to expel water. 

Can You Have A Water Well If You Have A Septic System?

A particularly common misconception is that it is impossible for you to have a well and septic tank. This notion arises because people assume that the discharged water from the septic tank will contaminate the groundwater supply for their property. Luckily, this is not the case if you take a preventative steps to mitigate this threat. 

It should be noted that if  your septic tank is properly functioning, this should not be a concern that you have to worry about because these systems are designed to filter these harmful agents from the water before it has a chance to reach the groundwater.

Yet, there are individuals that may still want to feel more secure against this threat. One of the most effective ways of eliminating this risk is to add a filtration and chlorination module to the well’s pump because this will purify the water. 

Septic tanks can be essential parts for many homes, but there are homeowners that have a very limited understanding of this systems. By knowing about the threats posed by the roots of large plants and that you can have both a well and septic tank, you will find yourself in a far stronger position to be a responsible and efficient homeowner.

If you need more help or simply have other questions you would like to ask, try contacting a company such as Country Pump Out septic tanks with any questions or concerns you have.

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7 Tips For Your Roof Remodel

Is it time for a little home makeover? If so, take a good look at your roof. If it’s been awhile since you updated your roof, it’s probably time. The roof comprises a large percent of your home’s facade, so it has the potential to make a big impact on your house’s curb appeal. Plan your roof remodel to add value to your home.

1. Catch the View

The roof is one of those areas that you stop noticing after a while. You may not be aware of how your roof really looks from the street or your neighbors’ place. Get an all-around look at your roof, even take a picture to better notice what kind of update it needs.

2. Learn the Code

Your roofing contractors will know the building code, of course. However, it’s wise for you to contact your local municipal building office to familiarize yourself with local codes. This will help you make decisions during your roofing remodel.

3. Match the Style

Most house styles have roofing styles with which they best match. For instance, Mission and Mediterranean style homes typically have some version of a tiled roof. Even if you want to opt for a different material, the finished result will be more cohesive if you maintain elements of the style, such as choosing concrete shingles molded to look like arched tile.

4. Scallop the Edges

If you have a traditional or historical style home, consider getting scalloped-edged shingles. Scalloped edges in vinyl shingles mimic the look of slate and add visual interest to your roof.

5. Try Slate

Of course, if you want a roof that outlasts you, consider slate. According to Better Homes and Gardens, a slate roof can last even 100 years with only the occasional need to replace a cracked shingle. Slate is heavy, though, which requires reinforcing the roof itself if it wasn’t built for the material.

6. Go for Wooden Shakes

Another attractive material option is wood, especially for rustic, Cape Cod or Georgian style homes. Shakes have been hewn from wood rather than cut on all four sides, which gives them a more natural look. Typically wooden shakes are hewn from cedar and treated to resist both fire and insects.  

7. Chat with Contractors

In the end, you can never go wrong with consulting the experts. Talk to your contractors about what you envision for your home. Be honest about your budget – professionals can usually find a way to create look you want within your budget.

While the roof may not be the first thing you notice, it has a lot impact on the visual character of your home. To learn more about roofing, contact a company like Rai Roofing Ltd

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Create An Entertaining Space In Your Backyard On A Budget

If you love to entertain but you don’t have a backyard that is set up for it, there are some DIY projects you can do at home to create a fabulous outdoor entertaining space. You don’t have to pay contractors or make huge property renovations to get the changes that you want.

If you have access to a home improvement store or building supplies store and you want to do the work on your own outside, consider the following options to update your home.

Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Interlocking concrete pavers are a great way to create a patio. The ground is easy to prep for the insertion of the pavers, you don’t have to pour any concrete, and it’s easy to put the pavers together.

The concrete is going to be robust against wear and easy to maintain, and you can replace the pavers if needed. You can get different colors and sizes, and you can alter your shape over time if needed. The company where you purchase the pavers can give insertion tips as well. Contact Pro Pavingstone Inc for more information.


There are many pergola kits that are easy for homeowners to assemble on their own. The pergola will provide shade around the patio, it’s a great way to outline a lounging or eating area on the patio, and they add a lot of style and décor. You can get wood to match fencing, or you can get vinyl options that come in different colors. Vinyl is ideal because it is low maintenance, isn’t affected by water, and you don’t have to worry about pest damage.

Fire Pit

There are so many different types of fire pits you can get for the yard, even if you live in a highly populated subdivision. You can get a pit that is simple and you just fill with wood, or you can get one that uses petroleum or gel. This can be placed on the patio or out in the yard. This allows you to cook, gather, and entertain.

If you want to create an outdoor space where everyone can come and enjoy themselves, these tips are going to be easy for you to do even if you’re working with a tight budget. Look around your yard to see what you have enough room for, to determine what materials are going to look the best, and then create a space that you can enjoy yourself or with friends.

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5 Signs Professional Cleaning Is Needed For Your Hardwood Floors

If the hardwood flooring in your home hasn’t been professionally cleaned or refinished in many years, it could be time for you to get these services done. Not only will this help extend the lifetime of your hardwood floors in the years to come, it will also help maintain your property value. If you’re uncertain of whether professional cleaning or refinishing is needed, consider the following five tips.

Flooring Has Begun to Look Dull

One of the first signs that your hardwood flooring needs to be refinished is if the floor has lost its shine. Dullness in the hardwood floors can be a sign that the sealant has worn away or that there is a lot of dirt and grime that’s set into the floor.

Exposed Areas of Hardwood Are Discolored

When you move your furniture or lift up a rug, you may notice that the color of the hardwood flooring underneath is a different color than you expected. This is a sign of discoloration in the flooring due to sun exposure. Instead of feeling like you need to keep the layout of furniture and décor in a room in the same positions to avoid the discoloration from showing, consider getting refinishing done to give the floors an overall consistent appearance. 

Nicks and Scratches Are Clearly Visible

If your flooring has seen better days, there may be a lots of nicks and scratches that are visible when the floors have been cleaned recently or in direct sunlight. In this situation, you’ll definitely want to look into getting refinishing done since it will help get the floors buffed out and any imperfections taken care of.

Sealing Hasn’t Been Done in Years

The best way to give hardwood flooring the shine they originally had is through sealing. While it’s possible to take care of sealing on your own, it can be a messy and time-consuming project best left for professionals.

Grime and Dirt Is Difficult to Remove

If vacuuming with a bare floor cleaner or using a mop isn’t doing a good enough job getting your hardwood floors clean, it could be a sign that they have deep-set stains or grime that can be hard to remove using your standard cleaning supplies.

By hiring professionals for cleaning and refinishing your hardwood flooring, you won’t need to worry about your floors bringing down the value of the place. With the above signs in mind, you can determine if professional help is needed for restoring your hardwood floors. Click here for additional info.

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Why Use Diamond Blades For Concrete Cutting

When it comes to cutting concrete, asphalt and epoxy among other materials, diamond blade cutting saws are the best options to use. These saws have blades made of steel and diamond adhered to the tip of the blade. The precision-engineered steel disc has segments along the rim that holds the diamond crystals. These diamond-bonded segments form the cutting teeth that cut into the concrete using abrasive action while the blade rotates.

Diamond is one of the strongest naturally found materials in the world offering the following benefits in concrete cutting:


Using diamond blades is the fastest way of cutting concrete. The saw is attached to an electric motor that rotates the blade at super fast speeds making your work much easier.  The diamond blades can cut a variety of materials as well therefore there is guaranteed continuity in workflow. Your construction projects will move a long much faster saving you a lot of money as well.


The speed of the concrete cutting saw does not compromise on precision. The cutting blade is thin and sleek enough to make precise slices through the concrete just the way you want it. The cutting saw has a handle that makes it easy to control the blades through the marked out concrete. Most saws even incorporate multiple features and automation to create cuts that are even more precise. Concrete cutting using pick axes leads to uncontrolled cuts, which may damage the entire surface.

No disruption

One of the major advantages of using diamond blades is the quality of the results. The blade works quickly and accurately causing no damage at all to the surrounding areas. The more precise the blade, the quieter it is and you can enjoy noiseless operation. Wet concrete cutting also reduces the amount of air pollution from dust since the water prevents excessive dust from rising. There is no more noise, rubble and breakages during construction.


The diamonds are adhered to the blade using a matrix along the rim of the blade. When cutting, the matrix wears down to expose fresh diamonds for cutting as the worn out crystals shed off. Therefore a since blade can offer long-term service without the need to sharpening. The blades also come in a variety of sizes for cutting different kinds of surfaces and corners. The thickness of the matrix and the size of diamond crystals vary so you can find diamond-cutting saws at a wide range of prices to fit into your particular budget.

To learn more, contact a company like Roman Building Materials Ltd with any questions or concerns y ou have.

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3 Reasons To Go With Aluminum Railing For Your Deck

Installing a new deck is a great way to add value to your home. That said, you are likely interested in keeping the cost of the project down as much as possible while still building something that you can be proud of. One way to do so could be to use materials that are not as high maintenance like vinyl for the deck itself or aluminum for the railing.

Here are 3 reasons why you might want to consider aluminum railing for your new deck:

Durable Over Time

Aluminum is an incredibly durable material. Whereas a deck railing made out of wood will deteriorate over time even when properly maintained, an aluminum railing could potentially last for decades without any major issues popping up.

You won’t have to worry about things like corrosion and rust as much or at all compared to other materials. Aluminum can stand up to the worst Mother Nature can offer without declining in quality.

More Options Than You Might Think

Just because you are going with aluminum rails on your deck does not mean that the end result is going to look boring. Aluminum railing companies are capable of creating unique designs that will make your deck look high-end even if you are using a more affordable materials.

For example, aluminum can be created in different colors to match the rest of your deck or your house and the best aluminum railing companies can create a unique design just for you.

Some Aluminum Rails Are Essentially Maintenance-Free

Regular aluminum or aluminum that has been painted a certain color may require some occasional maintenance. But it’s possible to get powder-coated aluminum railing installed which will reduce your maintenance to essentially zero.

All you will have to do is clean the railing with soap and water on occasion, just like the rest of your home. The powder-coating provides a great layer of protection that makes any additional work unnecessary. 

If you are looking to give your home a unique look, you might want to consider aluminum railings for your new deck. In addition to the obvious benefit of being lower cost than iron or steel, you are also getting a material that is highly durable and can stand up to inclement weather with no problem. This means your new aluminum railings will be very low maintenance compared to other materials. Aluminum railing can be painted or designed to match the rest of your deck as well.

To learn more, contact a company like Alberta Vinyl Decking & Railings Ltd with any questions or concerns you have.

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5 Tips For Staying Safe When Excavating Soil

When you need to excavate part of your property to make a trench or clear room for a pool, you may be eager to get started. However, it is important that you remember to get the job as safely as you can. Here are some safety tips to adhere to as you do your excavation.

Test Soil

You need to be sure that excavating the land will not cause a cave-in because of the type of soil you have. A cave-in can cause multiple injuries. To make sure that your soil is stable enough to excavate, send a soil sample to a local testing laboratory or enlist the help of a geotechnical engineer.

Block Off the Excavation Site

To keep passerbys away from your work area, it is essential to block off the site of excavation before you begin. Use colored flags, posts and signs so that people steer clear of the area. You may also wish to notify neighbors that you will be doing some work, so that they can be more mindful of children and pets.

Be Aware of Utilities and Other Obstacles

To make sure you don’t hit pipes and other buried utility lines, be sure to contact the utility company and have them mark where lines may be located. That way, you will not affect them by digging.

You also need to be aware of overhead obstacles, like branches and power cables. Make every effort to have branches removed and contact the utility company to have any cables de-charged while you’ll be using the excavator.

Wear Protective Gear

You might think that casual street clothes are suitable for excavation work, since the machine is doing all the digging as you sit in the cab of the excavator. However, you need to use a mask, gloves and helmet to ensure that if there is a cave-in or some other incident, your body is protected.

Avoid Working Alone

You may think that using an excavator is a straightforward task you can do when you’re alone. But if you don’t someone acting as a spotter, your view may be obstructed and you may not be aware of hazards. For instance, you may not realize that the excavator is too close to the edge of the trench you’re digging, which may cause the excavator to topple with you inside of it. If that happens, you may not be able to get help.

Therefore, make sure that there is always one other person near the work site who can watch you as you work. They can alert you of any dangers, and if something happens, they can notify medical professionals, firefighters or other necessary personnel.

If you use the above safety tips, you are more likely to avoid injuries and accidents as you work. Seek out local excavation companies for suggestions about how to be safe while you’re excavating. Contact Prattco Excavating demolitions for more information.

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